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Hi all.

Our friends are renovating and purchasing an induction range for the home. Knowing we love a couple of the Lagostina pieces we own they gave us three pots with copper bottoms. These are older ones and I'm having the devil of a time finding out what the models are. I'd like to see their specifications and make-up before putting away our older ones for our future budding chef's use when he moves out. I've exhausted search ideas and haven't heard back from the manufacturer (yet.... fingers crossed). I've attached a couple of pictures of the smallest of the three and would appreciate it if anyone had any input into the model or composition.




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That's going to be hard to figure out for sure. For induction compatibility, just see how well a magnet sticks to the base of the pan. The better the magnet sticks, the better the pan will be on induction. 

I suspect those pans will be non-magnetic and the magnet won't stick at all. 

The 18/10 stainless used in cookware is commonly not  magnetic.  Chrome content tends to increase magnetic response and Nickel decreases magnetic response. The 300 series stainless can be made magnetic, but the older cookware was generally non-magnetic. Newer cookware is more likely to be magnetic for cooking on induction. 

However, there is induction technology that creates eddy currents in non-magnetic metals (copper, aluminum and so forth) such that future lines of induction cooktops will work with any metal pan. It's not dropped in price enough to be common yet though. 
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