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Lames for slashing

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I use a Matfer brand lame for loaf slashing. About how long will it last? I don't think that it can be resharpened. I also noticed that the SF Baking Institute offers a lame that takes replacement blades. Any comments?

I only bake about three 1 pound loaves per week at the most.

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SFBI has a handle with replacement blades. I'd buy the handle but don't think I would ever go through 250 blades in my lifetime :) Regular double edge blades come in smaller quantities.
I have tried both the Matfer and regular razor blades. Being possessed of 10 thumbs, I struggle with the docking thing. I have taken a radical step. I just spent $20 at the local hardware store for an Exacto Knife kit. They are like scalpels, with interchangeable blades. I think the one that will work best for me is the one that is rounded from front to back. My biggest problem is that I always manage to get either the front or back "point" of the lame/blade stuck in my loaf. I am hoping that a rounded blade will solve this problem.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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