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I have an excellent recipe for oatmeal cookies. I have tried to convert it down about 26 times to make it the right portions for our family. Unfortunately it didn't go exactly right. The cookies were good but something wasn't quite right. Could someone help me convert this recipe to a managable size.

6lbs rasins

1lb 8oz corn syrup

18lbs donuts

8lbs flour

12 lbs brown sugar

6lbs shortning

8oz baking soda

2oz salt

6lbs eggs

6lbs oats

Thank you!!

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18 lbs of donuts?

Can you also give us the method, too?  Some recipes have you creaming the fat and sugar then adding the flour/eggs and other stuff.  Were I to guess at this, I would think that the corn syrup, sugar and shortening are creamed together, you add the eggs, then the flour, soda, salt (and maybe the oats) are added and last the raisins.  I still haven't figured out how you use the donuts ;)

I would divide this in half, then in half again, which gives you this:

1.5# raisins

6 oz corn syrup

? donuts?

2# flour

3# brown sugar

1.5# shortening

2 oz baking soda (this seems very high to me)

1 oz salt

1.5# eggs

1.5# oats

This is still a large quantity, so you could also divide this in half too.  I think the mixing method might be more of a culprit than you think.

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I did give it a shot over the weekend by converting everything to ounces and trying to then change it to proper measurments. We have a postage scale so I weighted everything to double check. They weren't quite right...too sticky.

I didn't have specific instructions so I creamed sugar, shortening, and corn syrup, then added eggs. I combined the flour salt and soda then slowly added it to thesugar mixture. I then added the crumbled donuts, oats, and rasins.

I did find out that I was supposed to use bread flour (I used all purpose ) and I used vegetable shortening but was supposed to use all purpose shortening...which I've never heard of and have no idea where to find it in a small size. Maybe using those will make it right.
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