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Le cordon blue closing all US schools?!

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Soooo one of my cooks came in today telling me about how everyone at her lcb were rounded up and told how all locations are closing. So I found this . Crazy. While I've always been with the camp saying the price was totally disproportionate to the expected income and that , generally, cooking schools have an unrealistic approach to the industry- I'm kind of sad to here this. This does not bode well for a more educated workforce.
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Most of the instructors are contracted, so they won't be jumping ship. There are still many students that need to finish, which is why they aren't immediately shutting down. I, for one, would be very upset if they did. I want to finish this out and get my degree that I have already half paid for. They aren't accepting any new students beyond January 2016 and all doors shut completely, as of September 2017. The only thing I can say is that this is the time to build networks for those of us still there. ACF meetings and membership have just moved up to the top of my priority list.
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