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I know that Italians are the pioneers in organising cooking lessons within summer vacations.
Tuscany is the paradise to learn Italian cooking while you enjoy this magnificent country.

Greece, the Land of Gods, the ultimate destination for summer vacation ( I know... I am over-reacting when I describe my country, but you know me already ;) )starts those cooking summer schools in the most dynamic way!

Two stars of (not only) Greek cooking have launched two schools of this kind!

The first one is the school of our Diane Kochylas on the island of Ikaria in Northern Aegean!
Kochylas opened her own restaurant and during the week ends, between July 20-August 31 she will guide the visitors to the endless adventure of Greek Cooking.( "Villa Thanassis" 011302750-41489)

The other summer cooking school is on the island of my beloved Santorini!

The owners os the restaurant Selini , Georgos and Evelyn Chatzigianaki continue what they have started for years now!
The novelty of this year is that they have introduced the daily courses :) (
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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