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I'd probably take the meat ball approach for the filling. But maybe do it on those turkish sword like skewers so it's not so ball like. This gives you a chance to mix in flavors more completely and provide some texture.

While not the recipe to use, this is the approach:

plenty of google recipes to start:

I'd use thigh, for the extra fat and better window of doneness. Holds better too imho.

This lets you grill it up for some fun added flavor. Can still brush with custom hot sauces to finish per wrap as the individual requests.

Garnish with blue cheese, julienne carrots and celery, maybe a grilled scallion too. And yes, I'd enjoy some butter leaf or similar lettuce in my wrap. But your audience may differ from me or the budget won't do it.

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Thinking of making buffalo chicken wraps for the boys at the fire hall. Any suggestions for a good recipe and sides??
You can never go wrong with potato salad.

We always try to have at least 2 different ways.

Boiled and quartered red potatoes (unless they are small...just get them open enuf to absorb dressing)

Lots of pepper....some salt

mayo and sour cream

sliced green onions (lots)

TONS of fresh dill (snipped with kitchen sheers is really easy and quick)

Make extra dressing in case your potatoes are thirsty.

Put it together and chill overnite.

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