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lettuce preferences

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While waiting for tomato season to start again, I'm getting hooked on lettuces. :D Which types do you folks grow? And, to the non-gardening chefs, which would you grow for your restaurant if you could?
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Thanks Ducky! I've got the Pinetree catalogue open in front of me and am lookiing at the entry for "Bright Lights." It looks great. :D I'd never thought of putting chard in a salad, but I'm up for trying it. Am I too late or too early to plant the seeds?

And welcome to ChefTalk! Why don't you stop by the Welcome Forum and introduce yourself to everyone. And I'd like to hear more about your produce warehouse.
Hi Mudbug! How have you been?

I'm confused: has "Baker Creek" changed its name to "Rare Seeds"? I hope not. It will sound like too many other companies. I love them either way and am currently eating my way through a crop of their Euro Mesclun. :lips: By the way, have you changed your mind about tomatoes yet? ;)

Ducky, I'm looking forward to hearing what catalogues you use. I rely on Baker Creek, Tomato Growers Supply Company, Territorial (though their shipping fee is getting a bit high), and just started using Pinetree.
And you'll love the gardening forums Mudbug mentioned. They're very helpful (but please don't desert us :eek: ). We're both there, just under different names :cool:
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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