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lettuce preferences

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While waiting for tomato season to start again, I'm getting hooked on lettuces. :D Which types do you folks grow? And, to the non-gardening chefs, which would you grow for your restaurant if you could?
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I like to grow mesculin mixes and heirloom lettuces.

My favorite source is Baker Creek, they have 29 varieties of lettuce including everything from "Forellenschluss - an Old Austrian heirloom, the name means 'speckled like a trout'; a superb, gorgeous romaine lettuce, that is highly splashed in deep red. Very beautiful and tasty" to "Tom Thumb - An heirloom lettuce that dates to the 1850s. It makes small cabbage-like green heads, only 3"-4" across."

They have over 900 varieties of heirloom vegetables and have maintained their standing in the top 20 of mail order garden companies (out of over 3000) for several years at the Garden Watchdog because of the quality of their seeds and service. A special bonus is that you can order as much as you want and shipping is a flat $2.50.

I also like The Cook's Garden.


If you want to plant, go ahead. Lettuce can do pretty well in cooler temperatures and in many cases cold temperatures eliminate bitterness. The seeds will know when the optimum environment is for them to do their thing.

Welcome to ChefTalk! I'll have to try your recipe, sounds delicious!

Actually, there's a whole community of gardeners across the country who believe it's never to early to plant either. It's called Winter Sowing, and here is the FAQ. They actually plant throughout the winter months with great success and the plants tend to be hardier than those started in controlled environments like greenhouses.

You may also be particularly interested in this Vegetable Gardening Forum. You can learn a ton just by browsing the threads, or ask about anything you need to.

Looking forward to more on your bio.

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Hi phoebe,

Not bad! Just the URL is Rareseeds. (Edited the link, sorry for the confusion.)

I assume you're referring to the previous thread What's Growing in Your Garden This Year? ...


Have I changed my mind about tomatoes? That's kind of a difficult question. I've decided the only variety I know for certain that is absolutely amazing is the Cherokee Purple. Keep in mind that even within the same varieties, growing conditions even from yard to yard can affect the flavor. I've found that the third tomato from the vine is usually the best flavored. Other than that, tomatoes in general are not something I crave but home grown and minutes from the vine is definitely the only way to go - the same goes for peas, corn, and brussel sprouts, especially corn.

If you're into greens, you should definitely consider growing mache.

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