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Hello everyone! 

A little about myself, 

I am 28 years old, born and raised in northwest Montana. The first job I ever had was washing dishes when I was 16. After about 3 months, I was promoted to fry cook. I worked on the line in this run down dinner that sure did hop with all the grey hairs for about year. I turned 17 years June 1st, graduated high school on June 3rd and by June 8th I was sleeping on the Kenai River in Alaska. I spent the next 6 years working on crab/salmon/halibut/cod boats out of Dutch Harbor and Bristol Bay.

In between King/Snow crab and salmon/halibut/cod season, I would fly back to Montana and work another kitchen job. Over those 6 years I had developed a hard work ethic and attention to detail. I was dependable, trainable and WANTED to be there. I learned every aspect of the kitchen and jumped at the chance to help others that WANTED to learn. I stopped fishing in Alaska due to an ankle surgery and decided to fall back on my kitchen experience. 

I have been cooking for over 10 years now. When I say cooking I mean in the shit, balls deep, piled high, packed,90 min waits, Solo breakfast/lunch/dinner buffets, consistent, reliable, timing, sous, specials,solo 300+ nights,resorts,man camps in the oil fields, guided Elk hunts camp host, crab boats, Franchise's, dish washing, pantry, prep, kitchen manager, head line cook, "Chef"(I hate that word). Right now I work for a big Resort in a town of 200 people. 

Some of my hobbies include ice fishing for DAYS at a time, Cooking for friends/family and friends of family, Watching MMA every Saturday night with food friends and family(Favorite Fighters are Anderson Silva, Nick Diaz, Nate Diaz,Cowboy Cerrone) Watching The Walking Dead every Sunday night with my mom and dad (mom has been taking care of dad for 10 years now, changing diapers/tubing feeding him after his stroke but he is all there mentally) and girlfriend and cooking them a nice dinner at moms place. 

I am currently just a "Cook" at a really nice Resort on the Clark Fork River. This is the 3rd time this place has asked me to come back and cook for them. They have given me 3 raises in the 2 months since I've been back. The Owner is selling the business but him and his wife will still be apart of it. The new Owner has been begging me to accept the kitchen manager or "Head Chef" job since I've been back. Since the resort is in a town of 2-300 people, the work pool is VERY shallow. They have gone through everyone with common sense and willing to work. 

Unfortunately I burned myself out last summer at another resort working 70hrs/week as a  salary kitchen manager. I lost a really good friend and it was enough for me to fall off the wagon. I spent 6 months growing a big red beard, eating gas station burrito's (purposely not cooking anything) and sitting on a bucket over a frozen lake just thinking..... I came to terms with my father's situation that I ran from to Alaska for years, I came to terms with what I do for a living and accepted it as a true profession. The state certified me and pays me to help my mom change super mans diapers from time to time. I work part time as a caregiver for my dad, 20hrs/week at a Resort cooking and any free time I have is spent helping my girlfriend run our animal shelter. 

We adopt out about 10 dog/cats a week and rescue dogs and cats from all over the country. We just got several dogs from South Korea that were saved from a meat farm. One dog had its vocal cords cut so he couldn't bark :( The owners of the animal shelter are pushing 70 and were looking for a younger couple to help them run it and eventually take it over. They just bought us a house on some land close to the shelter. We currently have a red nose pitbull named Marshall and a chihuahua named Link. 

Finally, the whole reason I came here. I truly enjoy what I do in life! I love cooking, I love rescuing cats/dogs, I love fishing and I love my family. When the kitchen expansion at my work with the new equipment is finished and my girlfriend's boss is done remodeling our new house.... I'm going to take the kitchen manager/ head "chef"(I HATE THAT WORD) job. I will be asking for advice on certain employee's or kitchen habit's, posting personal RANTS, posting specials that make me feel special and over all bring some laughs to this forum. 

I truly look forward to reading all your threads, absorbing your infinite wisdom like a sponge and throwing my super smart ass 2 cents in whenever I can. Please bear with me and my sailor mouth and try not to take anything super serious that I say. I am just a happy charming ginger crab fisherman that loves to cook under pressure. Eat, Drink and Be Merry my friends, cheers. 


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