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Hi guys,

Usually, I sear a steak minutes after it comes out of the bath.

So I want to cook a (thick) steak this Saturday at my in-law's place. The only problem is that I won't actually have much time to do any preparation on the day, as I'll be out all day Friday and Saturday.

As I'll be making some thick steaks, I definitely want to cook it sous vide.

Would it be okay if say, I drop it in the bath tonight (Thursday), and send the wife over with the pre-bathed steaks refrigerated, and then sear them on Saturday?

My take is that any bacteria or microbes that form will be on the exterior of the steaks, as it usually is, and will be killed off when I sear the surface.

I know that it won't make the best steak, but this is probably the best solution given the circumstance. Can anyone see any alarm bells ringing out for safety/health hazards?

Thanks folks!


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For this situation, I would say the thinner the better, which is not my normal approach to steak. But with  a thin steak sous vide to rare and a raging hot sear/grill,  you could color the exterior and warm the center of a thin piece. 

You'll overcook a thick steak and/or have a cold center with what you're proposing. 

If you can, set them up for the bath so they are finishing just before you leave. Keep them warm on the way over and sear immediately. 
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