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Masamoto KS will patina to a dull grey very quickly and will no longer react with onions. That steel is magnificent: it takes a terrifying edge very quickly and keeps it strangely long.

I would agree with @mackan110 that 270 is long for this use; since you have gyutos already, I'd go with 210.

Note that a sujihiki is very rarely single-beveled. As to profile, Masamoto runs very, very slightly right-handed in KS western styles, but you can quickly reset it with an 800-grit stone.

Be sure, if getting KS, to take it up to your maximum polish level--even 10k is not just decoration here. The late, great KC Ma used to say that he had never seen any steel get quite as sharp as Masamoto KS, and he was a total nut about such things!

(I haven't used the other suggested knives or steels so I can't comment.)

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