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Good morning,
My name is Alberto Badalamenti,i am the owner of CIAO BELLA pizzeria ristorante italiano a St.Martin (antille francesi-Caribeans) .
I am looking for a chef / partner (I am not just looking for a chef, he must also be a partner, that is to enter the company with some money and work as a chef / also manage the place with me) I am looking for some very motivated person .
Must speak english- french would be great as well but not necessary. If he/her speaks spanish would be good as well/i am fluent in english & spaniosh - ok in french)

Here in St. Martin we work quite well all year round but in the high season (October / April) there is a lot of work and I definitely need a good chef (he must also know how to work with the pizzeria).

If interested, call me on whatsapp: + (590) 960407648
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