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Looking for good ultra small knife roll

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I have 3 different kitchens on the property i zoom around in the summer. I think I just want to be able to carry 3 knives with me, probably my 180mm, 240mm, and 300mm. I don't want something that is going to take a lot of space to unroll. And it just needs to be long enough to have those 3 knives.
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The one with the fewest slots I’ve seen on Amazon is 4 slots and it’s pretty cheap too Amazon link but there are plenty that also look like a computer case or back pack that are consistent sizes.
Have a knife holster made. If you have a leather working shop nearby, take the knives you wish to carry and bring them to the shop so they can size the holster. They may need to keep them for. a few days.
I did this many years ago when working at a huge hotel with multiple outlets. I was an assistant garde manger so I carried a chef's knife, parer, bird's beak and peeler. The holster was made with thick leather and I carried it on my belt. It made carrying the knives very convenient.
I still have it.
Working in kitchens for over 40 years now and in three continents, most cooks I know use a tool box rather than a roll. These boxes are invariably plastic, found in home centers/ hardware stores.
The benefits of a box are:
1) very small footprint.

2) easily cleaned— just throw it in the dishwasher. I’ve seen everything from coffee to eggwash to crème anglaise spilled on knife rolls, and they don’t clean well. Crud gets lodged in the pockets, seams, and zipper stitching, and spilled proteins get whiffy after a while.

3) lockable and much harder to steal than a roll. I guess this doesn’t apply to you, but sure is attractive to cooks in large and busy kitchens.
You can check out amazon as mentioned before
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