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love advice, on knife sharpener or stones?

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Hi ,

right now I have a classic Ikon Wusthof chef knife and other knives including some really old carbon steel ones and only have a F/dicks Multicut . I need to really sharpen my knifes . I am a home cook . and will be looking on ebay or other sources for secondhand equipment. I'm on a budget but I want as good as I can find. What do you recommend and where should I go. I'm willing to settle for a very high degree sharpness as possible, but I'm not going to need to take care of the knives like a Japanese sous chef at  a five star restaurant. Some convenience would be appreciated but I would take the best methods ( with a little more work ) if they lasted longer and I could maintain it with the FDick. A really good compromise would be a consideration  .


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I have been very happy with my edge pro from chef knives to go. Especially yeh shapton stones bs the factory.

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