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hey guys i am currently writing a menu for my new job i just got at a tavern and i need to have a cheese blend that i can use for My Mac and cheese side/entree.    Cheese fries i would like to add the cold shredded and finish in the broiler instead of using a liquid sauce because i dont want my fries to get soggy and i think it turns out a better product.  and finally for a cheesy beer sauce recipe for dipping hot pretzels.    I need a nice blend because i have a VERY SMALL kitchen and my boss demands we have a varied menu.   so im trying to consolidate my ingredients for multiple things.  so i can use the same cheese blend for all 3 dishes.    I will already have Fontina ( for melting on my french onion and also tastres great on burgers)  sharp Cheddar and American.  possibly pepper jack and Parmesan/Romano mix.

can someone help me out with what do you think would be the best blend would be for a mac and cheese and   cheesy beer sauce out of what i got   i would like to keep it simple and mix it myself because i have a very small kitchen.   
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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