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Makin Bacon

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15lb Pork Belly smoked over hickory. Brown sugar, black pepper, kosher salt & curing salt.

Rubbed down and ready to sit for five days.

Four hrs in the smoker @ 175 and overnight rest in the fridge.

Sensitive content, not recommended for those under 18
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Result: Outstanding!

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Any special muscle from the shoulder that you use? or is is smoke what you got?聽 I know where that muscle is in the shoulder and it would be my choice for bacon due to it's fat content.
@Nicko I have made it a couple of times before, but more like smoked belly, no cure. First time I cured it was a disaster, way too salty to eat as bacon so I chunked it up and threw it in the freezer. It was great to use in a pot of beans. I also could only smoke it on my wood burner which was difficult to keep below 250.

I smoked it to an internal temp of 150.
@kuan Time to take a trip to the Asian market and grab some belly, dust off that smoker one last time before the Minnesota winter turns everything into a Frozen Tundra.
Made some sausage last week, cut this muscle out for a nice piece of shoulder bacon. Weight was about three pounds, cured for a week, smoked with apple wood pellets @200 for 4 hrs.

Very tender, very tasty!

Into the cure......

Rinsed and ready for the smoker after a week in the cure.

Out of the smoker and in the fridge overnight.

Tasters in the pan.

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1 - 5 of 31 Posts
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