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Before I embark on my research of "How to make compost", I would like to have the input from all of you professionals out there. I was thinking of buying a plastic 30gal garbage container for this purpose but am not sure if it will work. Should I also get a lid for the can? and what can I put in it for compost? I have other questions about things you should do to prepare your garden before planting but will use another thread specifically for that.

Thanks in advance...

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I have a compost pile in my back yard about the size of a full grown Hippo :)

I have been composting for as long as I have been gardening, my mother inlaw wouldn't have it any other way, and Um..I never argue with her :)


Composting can be as easy as you want, or as technical and almost scientific if you choose this route.

There are keywords used to descibe composting.
Describes organisms living or occuring only in the presence of Oxygen

Describes organisms living or occuring without oxygen

The art and science of combining organic materials under controlled conditions so that the original raw ingredients are transformed into hummus

C/N ratio
The proportion of bulky, dry, high carbon materials to dence, moist, high nitrogen materials

Cold, slow or passive piles
A compost pile that recieves little or no turning, allowing some anaerobic docompto occur, composting proceeds at cooler tempertures over a longer period of time

Hot, fast, or active piles
A compost pile that is turned, or otherwise aerated frequently, creating high temputers and finished compost in a relitivly short period

Sheet Composting
A method of speading undecomposed organic materials over the soils surface, then working them into the soil to decompose, rather then piling them and spreading the resulting compost

A long, low, broad compost pile, often used in large scale composting systems; dimensions are limited only by the equipment available to turn the pile and the weight of the materials being composted

Shawntycat, I think you are interested in Small-scale composting

You don't need allot of space to compost successfully, if you have a small yard, a single 3' diameter circle of rigid wire fencing is all you that you need.

If you live in an apartment, you can still compost with the help of some earthworms. A warm box, with air holes, drainage, and a healthy population of earthworms will turn food waste into compost pretty fast.

Shawntycat, if you want to use a barrel, this will be Hot composting
This will basically do the work on it's own (very little turning).

It only take a couple weeks to do hot composting, so as your compost is developing, keep your other food waste in plastic bags with some sawdust.

I hope this makes sence to you.
Let me know if I can help in anyother way
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