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Mandatory? Gratuity

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Hi there,

My company policy has always been "Gratuity is based on your descretion", where as a lot of my fellow caterers have a mandatory 18% in the contract.

My people work VERY hard, as I am sure most others do as well, my recent caters have found me with a great deal of "Budget " minded clients.
Just recently I did a Wedding $14.00 per person, Pasta's Hor'd, beverages, cake cutting, the clients including the parents on both sides hugged me and said I exceeded their expectations, however no tip, how do I gracefully tackle the gratuity issue?

I bill 1/2 thirty days before the event with the balance due the week of the event (I don't like tracking down clients during the event for payment) I was thinking since they are pre-paying the tip issue may be slipping their mind?

Thanks for any input.
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I charge a 18% service charge which is standard..
Especially when iam using servers..
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