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Market stall

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Hi, I'm looking to set up a market stall selling food on the quayside in Newcastle, England. I had a good look into parts of it last year and know where I stand on a local authority/health and safety point of view. Has anyone ever done anything like this before? (Apologies if this isn't the right forum to post this on).

I'm looking to sell pizza, Sunday dinner stotties (a hot meat dip with roast potatoes, gravy, sauce in a stotty loaf), perhaps some wraps and desserts as well. I'm trialing the dough recipe from here and the sauce from this recipe Can't help but think that these will sell well as they're delicious, a far cry from the vast majority of crap pizzas that people seem happy enough to eat all over the place. Does anyone have any outstanding dough or sauce recipes that I can try? I find the semolina dusting on the dough brings an incredible texture to the slice.

Equipment wise I'm looking at a pizza oven that sits on top of a bbq that looks to be very convenient, quick and tasty. I'm still looking for a practical hot holding apparatus if anyone has any suggestions.

Any comments/advice/discussion welcome.

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