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I just received a Masamoto HC 240mm gyuto, to a large extent based on the recommendation of boar_d_laze. I believe my ideal would probably be a 10" Sabatier with no bolster and better steal. Beside the classic profile, what I like about the Sabatier is the essentially continuous distal taper. To my dismay I find that the Masamoto has very little taper until the last inch or so, and is surprisingly thick behind the edge. My expectation is that this will feel pretty clulnky moving through product, but I don't have a lot of experience with a 70/30 edge, which may perform better in this regard than I expect. Or, perhaps with a good bit of thinning, the knife might perform better. I find the handle acceptable and do like the profile. Of course there's nothing to be done about the lack of distal taper.

Is anyone familiar with this knife (boar_d_laze?) enough to comment? Does the asymmetrical grind improve performance enough to at least partially compensate for the thickness behind the edge? Has anyone thinned out this knife? (I imagine the process would go quickly, considering the steel.)
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