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May I recommend a book

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After reading the thread by issac and the contributions to that thread by many it made me think...I have a number of books that I look to for advice in regards to breads,But I would like to mention what I think is one of the best books. "Special and Decorative breads" By Roland Bilheux.Alain Escoffier,Danial Herve and Jean-Marie Pouradier.
Its published by Van Nostrand reinhold.

Has anyone used this bread bible?
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I will bring it to work Momreg so you can check it out.
The Chefs who wrote the book really are thourogh on thier technique,Staters and sponges.There is a great foundation for making basic breads.Viennese breads,decorative breads Ect.

I think anyone with a love for the staff of life will enjoy and truley learn from this book.High Gluten breads,mixed starter breads,even pullmen loafs...
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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