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I was thinking about what Chrose said in the menu diversity thread about missing the fun of designing creative menu's.

I thought it may be fun to give it a shot.

I will make a list of ingredients and we all can put together a menu..any kind is fine, formal,buffet,brunch,lunch whatever...also you can come back and edit your menu until you feel it finished.



6 ea 1# Maine lobsters
2 peeled straps of skirt steaks
2 2 1/2 chickens
2 racks of Colorado lamb (split and chimmed)(not Frenched)
2 # 16/20 North Carolina shrimp (fresh head on)
2 # pertomale sole
2 # cape cod sea scallops
5 # veal shank
24 blue point oysters
1 lobe of Hudson valley Foie Gras
1 # pancetta
3 veal butt tenders
4# pork shoulder

Fruits and Vegetables

2 # ea, green and white asparagus
6 ea artichokes
2 eggplant
2 vidilia onions
6 spanish onions
Garlic and shallots "unlimited"
Fresh herbs "unlimited" and (your choice)
6 tomotillias
6 serrono's
5 # carrots
6 ea Leeks
6# assorted tomatoes (your choice)
4# Mushrooms (your choice, but must be in season)
2 Zuccinhi
2 yellow squash
2# sunburst patty pans
6 oz golden pea shoots
1 container lavedar opal spinach (micro greens)
1 head frisse
1 head trivesano
5# yellow finnish spuds
4 # assorted bell peppers
5# white peaches
5# butter apricotes
5# Nectirens
2# michigen cherries
4# assorted apples
6 ea forella pears
1 bunch muscat grapes
2# black mission figs
6 ea oranges
3 ea lemon and limes


1 qt Heavy cream
16 oz mascarpone
1 # maytag blue
4# sweet butter
1# parmesan
1 # morbiar
2 ea vermont goat cheese (logs)
2 qt milk
18 eggs

Grains and such

1# puy lentils
1 # farror
2# ap flour
1/4 # corn starch
2 # aborio
1# red rice
1# black beans
1# cranberry beans
2# basmati
1# Isrealy toasted cous cous


Balsamic vinegar
sherry vinegar
champagne vinegar
1 lt evoo
1 lt veggie oil
2 # primex
1 btl ea, red, white wine, sherry, marsala, pernod,triple sec, aquvit
All dry herbs and spices, salt and peppers availible and unlimited
1# phyllo
2 # puff pastry
6 vanilla beans
1 crock grain mustard
1 jar dijon mustard
Assorted olives for Monkymay

Ok, If you think I missed something really important PM me and I will add it to the proper catagory..

I hope you have fun :)

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Are we supposed to use ALL those ingredients for one dinner/banquet menu or choose what we want to use and leave the rest?
Or is the challenge to design a restaurant/catering menu from which a customer can choose?

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Use only what you want to, I tried to offer a broad base to work with. As for who you design the menu for...that's up to you ;)

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Ok, I guess i'll start.

This menu will all be searved family style except the first course.

First course

Soft poached eggs with medallions of maine lobster, seared Hudson Valley Foie Gras and finished with a Lobster-Carrot-cinnamon oil and lobster coral.

Second Course.

East Coast seafood Sampler of
Chilled blue point oysters on the half shell with a charred vidilia onion-chive blossem minunette.Civiche of Cape Cod sea Scallops with a spicy tomatilla salsa verte and a serrano/lime aioli. Petit salad of Frisse with lardons of pancetta, basil grilled north Carolina Shrimp,and preserved and tempuraed lemon rings

Entree Course-Choice of.

Grain mustard rubbed saddle of lamb with a porcini crust, minted toasted isrealy cous cous and a tian of eggplant,candied shallots, and a oven roasted tomato/lamb demi
Parsley Risotto with sauteed pertamole sole with simmered leeks,brown butter apsaragus and parmesan crisps

Cheese service

Morbier and herb rolled Vermont goat cheese with a balsamic/fig syrup and lentil crakers,pears,apples and muscat grapes

Dessert sampler

"white on white" white peach and white pepper sorbet with phyllo fettucini..Warm Michigan cherries over mini short cakes...Candied oranges with a vanilla-caremal drizzle

First course
second course
sauvingon blanc
Cabernet, Pinot Noir and White Burgundy
Cheese service
Aged maderia
Dessert sampler
Barsac and vintage port

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I'm working on it, though I realize now what I was saying before is that being so far out of the kitchen my creative juices don't flow like they used to. I'm not surrounded by new products and ideas so it's hard to be as creative as I used to be. I rely on old standbys that I try and tweak. It's still good and not over creative but not as inspired in many cases as I'd like. Still.......I'm good!:chef: :bounce: :D :cool: :rolleyes:

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Hey Chrose,

In my mind you have one of the most developed palates around!!

I always love reading your stuff,and it always sounds wonderful!!!:):chef: :bounce:

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Well CC was nice enough to give me his restaurant for a week while he took a vacation. He left me an interesting larder. While not wanting to alienate his clientle (he is a little more eclectic than me) but wanting to keep within his general framework I put together a menu for while he's gone. He was nice enough to give me the food to work with so I tried not to waste anything and use everything if I could so here's what I came up with. If he ever gives me another week I'll revamp the menu with or without the same larder.

Composed salad of grilled vegetables and herbs w/ grilled Treviso Raddichio, Sherry and grain mustard vinaigrette
Garnished with Lightly grilled Butter Apricot slices.

Fresh shucked Blue Point Oysters on the half swimming in Muscadet, Arugula jelly Served on ice with mini shots of Aquavit

Cape Cod Sea Scallops quick fried in rendered Fois Gras butter served in Phyllo cups with Leek Confit. Fried Leek frizzle garnish.

Cold Green Asparagus soup garnished w/ Maytag Bleu and hot fried Artichoke chips

Roasted medallions of Pancetta wrapped Maine Lobster tails stuffed with Apple Wood-cold smoked, rendered Fois Gras. Served on crispy Puff pastry rings garnished with Leek oil

Tian of grilled Sole on Roasted Eggplant mousse topped with Finnish Potato Rosti and Sage. Garnished with assorted grilled vegetables.

Cold Entrée Salad of grilled Colorado Lamb marinated in Sherry Vinegar and Dijon served on a composed salad of Frisee and "Middle Eastern" style Cous Cous with Pistachios, currents and toasted Cumin

Whole Roasted Spring Chicken with Balsamic roasted Spanish Onions. Served on a bed of Lentils infused with fresh grilled Orange zeste and fresh cracked Black Pepper

Classic Veal Shanks Milanese nothing fancy good as ever, Served with a side of Toasted Orzo

Maine Lobster claw, and North Carolina Shrimp Risotto with fresh Parmesan and Thyme. Garnished with Parmesan Tuiles

Pork Shoulder hot Smoked and slow roasted overnight. Served on Home-style Cajun Red Rice and Black Beans served with Burmese Salad (Pickled Serrano peppers and fresh diced Spanish onions)

Latin Skirt Steaks marinated in a Tomatillo/ Bell Pepper and fresh Orange Salsa. Served on a Bed of Frisee, freshly made tortillas and Finnish Potato Homefries

German style Wienerschnitzel served with Goat Cheese Spaetzle and braised Vidala Onion, White Asparagus Fricasee. Lemon Wedge garnish

Fresh Pear and Morbier Feuillatine with "Muscat Grape Soup" reduction

Cold Basmati Rice and Cardamom Pudding. Garnished with White Peach slices and Mission Fig quarters. Scented with Fresh Vanilla bean

Nectarine and Marscapone Mousse Timbale served in a goblet on a bed of Mixed Apple Brunoise and "Cider' soup

Nougatine Glace with home made candied Michigan Cherries and Lemon/Lime Zeste Served on a fresh Butter Apricot puree and a side of Warm mini Palmiers

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Ok here we go -

First Course

Matambre - Rolled marinated skirt steak stuffed w/ onions, carrots and hard boiled eggs. Served chilled and sliced

Lobster Nepoleon - Lobster pieces and diced nectarines w/ a light citrus aioli between 2 slices of puff pastry

Second Course

Seared Sea Scallops - Served w/ a orange buerre blanc

Thimbles of sole mousse - Flavored lightly w/ perniod and garnished w/ grilled NC shrimp

Third Course

Herb and garlic crusted lamb rack - Served a a bed of minted cranberry beans w/ leek and onion braised(yes Braised) Potatoes

Goat Cheese and herb stuffed Chicken Breasts w a chicken glace de viande - Served w/ oak roasted roma tomatoes and vadella onions and a medley of sauted squash

Fourth Course

Salad of mixed Greens w/ oak grilled asparagus spears and sherry vinegrette w red and yellow teardrop tomatoes and a chiffinade of red and yellow bells

Fifth Course

Pear and cherry strudel - Diced Forella pears & Michigan cherries Siagon cinnamon and Marscapone cheese wrapped in phyllo. Served w Cream Anglaise.

Fruit and Cheese - slices of White peaches, Butter apricots, nectarines, apples and mission figs. Served w/ shaved Parmesian, Maytag Bleu and Moblar cheeses


First - Cambria Chardonnay or Cypress Merlot (J Lohr secondary label) alot of fruit not too heavy

Second - Silverado Sauvignon blanc or Meridian Chardonnay

Third - Peachy Canyon Zinfandel, Justin Cabernet or Jan Kris Gamay

Fourth Windmere voingere

fifth - Gallo of Sonoma Family Reserve dry creek valley cabernet sauvignon port( very nice stuff)

Next time I think I'll print out the ingredients list so I don't have to keep going back and forth. LOL:rolleyes:

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Fantastic menu's you two!!! from true comfort, to the eclectic that I love so much;)

Fodigger, I love the sound of your stuffed chicken breast with the bones being used for your reduction sauce.

Also love your selection of wine's to accompany your wonderful dishes..Bravo!!!

Chrose, My staff told me you were fantastic to work with,but they also told me you cheated:eek:

No Pistachios, Currants, Orzo,Arugula,Gelitine or muscadet in the larder:D Got to stick with the ingredients made availible;)

For the oysters, did you use the Muscat grapes tp produce your own muscadet? also...tell me about the arugula jelly...sounds..urm, interesting!!!

Great menu Chrose, really..just pulling your leg, you really captured some of the nuiances I use, and the menu is truely excellent.

You two prepared some killer stuff!!!!
Anyone else?

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I had to run to the store after I realized the menus were printed and I put that stuff on. (The Muscadet I brought myself. Can't have Blue Points and no Muscadet, I always say....hey hey hey:rolleyes:

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Grilled shrimp with 'tapenade rosso' - sun dried tomatoes, basil, garlic
orange zest

Fried artichokes 'Roman style' with a marjoram/lemon aioli , fried parsley

Skillet roasted scallops with charred Vidalia onions, cilantro, lime butter

Grilled black mission figs with Maytag bleu, drizzled with balsamic syrup

Blue point oysters on the 1/2 shell with sherry mignonette and shallots

Grilled veggie Napolean - eggplant, sweet peppers, leeks, zucchini, layered between crispy phyllo and goat cheese, served with charred tomato- cumin confit

Orange, roasted red pepper and spinach salad, sherry vinegar

Pears, parmesan, basil and mint, with mixed bitter greens, red wine vinegar


Risotto of green asparagus, morels, frizzled leeks

Sage crusted veal shank, roasted with pancetta and bay leaves, with wilted frisee

Tellicherry peppercorn marinated skirt steak, seared, topped with Trevisio raddichio, lemon and extra virgin olive oil

Country style meat loaf with wild mushroom ragout, roasted Finnish potatoes

Sauteed Petromale sole with mustard butter, white asparagus, a touch of Pernod and chive blossoms

Rack of lamb crusted with black olive tapenade, served with warm salad of lentils, roasted peppers, parsley (and maybe just a little feta;) )

Slow roasted chicken, served with heirloom tomato salad taboulleh style-
toasted Israeli cous cous, parsley, mint and preserved lemon

Grilled Maine lobster with a garlic and basil gremolata.
served with sauteed patty pan squash in a red pepper cream sauce topped with golden pea shoots


Roasted nectarines in red wine, on a pizette of puff pastry, with a dollop of mascarpone

Crispy phyllo crepes with sauteed apples in caramel

Zagbaglione with white peaches, cherries and cinnamon

Crostata with muscat grape jam

Hope you like it


edited for spelling

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My spelling sucks.

It should read:

'Roasted nectarines in red wine, on a PIZZETTE of puff pastry'...
'ZABGLIONE with white peaches'...

I'm sure there might be a few others that I missed..

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Thanks, fodigger, I was trying to achieve an overall menu. A lot of this is what I will be using for my restaurant if the *@#*%# place ever opens!!!
(are you listening kitchen gods?) This is good practice - thanks Cape Chef!


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Hollywood Blvd., near Vine Street. We are now looking at an early Sept. opening... (I hope!!! This time off is killin' me...:D )
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