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I did a short search and while there is a lot of interesting info out there nothing pointed to another name.

Meyers are in short supply due to a inherent virus (also read that this has been "fixed" so who knows) that can prove deadly to other citrus trees/fruit.

Not often grown for commercial use is what I gathered.

My suggestion?

If you are a pretty confident gardener go ahead and invest in one and plant in the largest container you can lift or drag.

This will have to be pruned to keep manageable but then again the smaller the plant the less amt of fruits you will harvest.

I found mine (9 years ago?) on a take me home and love me table at a home improvement store.

Keep in mind I live in south Texas....

Brought it home and stuck it in the ground next to my goldfish pond (koi prove too fickle for me lol) and it has grown into a huge shrub (HUGE!).

Babied it for 2 years and have not watered it since (other than rinsing off the dust occasionally).

The fisherman covers it during hard freeze warnings.

The last 2 years has yielded around 1000 fruits.

IMO the roots have grown deep into the cool soil around the pond (maybe the pond has slow leak?) and this is why it has thrived.

Good luck!

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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