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Misc: Tamasin Day-Lewis, Wine.telegraph website, & English farming

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I was recently given Tamasin Day-Lewis' "The Art of the Tart," and was checking out some of her other writings on the web. It's a beautiful little book, and it has a bunch of recipes I'd like to try, including a few that seemed unusual to me.

Day-Lewis writes regularly for the Daily Telegraph's Wine.telegraph. I found the article noted below very nicely written, bringing the issues of English traditional vs factory farming out in a very different way than most of what one reads about this issue. has an extensive archive of her articles plus her weekly recipe column.

(Day-Lewis' father is an eminent writer and a poet laureate of England, C. Day-Lewis. Good genes at work.)

But for a more entertaining read you might enjoy "Go boil your head" :
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great book! i like corn/scallion tart with polenta crust.
Another one i'd like to try is poricini tart: i just need to find porcinis without grit.
I have a question though: what about these currants in the canadian tart? Are they raisins or fresh berries? I'm always confused about which one is which.
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