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Mold Prevention in Commercial Cookies

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I have a client in my recipe development business who is looking for an expert opinion on a mold issue that he is having with his cookies when it is shipped or stored at high temperatures/hot weather. The only thing that I can suggest for his organic, non-gmo, gluten-free, Kosher, and vegan cookies in addition to what advice he already has received about water being the cause is the following:

Things that spoil or go rancid quickly contain oil such as whole grains (brown rice flour) and oils (palm), and moisture. Heat causes all of the above to spoil faster. Preservatives may be added to gluten free baked goods such as ascorbic acid (Vitamin C), vinegar, lemon, tomatoes, sugar, and salt.

He was told by someone else to remove the water. However, water seems like the only thing that dissolves organic sugar (it's very hard and large crystals). I've tried beating it for 15 minutes and it still doesn't break down in the oil. The cost of using lots of vanilla extract and such is too costly.

So, if you know of anything I can do please help.

Thanks so much!
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"From ship's biscuits to pemmican, from raisins to pasta, all of these foods have incredible shelf life, and have been used for centuries, from farmers to explorers, armies and navies.
What is their common link? Why do they keep so long"

Don't forget jerky and smoked fish.  They have most of the moisture removed.  Pemmican is based on an Algonquian word for this dish.  The Algonquian groups were as far south as the Carolina's and around the great lakes down into what is now Colorado.  I learned that in my high school US History class. The Canadians can't take all the credit.  
And that, Jimyra, is why I have never even once went on the "wikipedia" site looking for information....
It turned out the evaporate cane juice that my client had his supplier send me would not break down, but when I used Wholesome brand, it broke down just fine. I was going crazy because three of the cookies were not sandy/sugary but one was. It was simply the brand I was using. Perhaps it melted in shipping and recrystallized or something. Whew! What a relief! The amount of vanilla extract I had been using contained just enough water to break down the sugar. I used a lot of extract!
why you are not considering organic Stevia? I am not challenging your knowledge, i just want to learn from all the other members. Why you are using stevia in your recipe?
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