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:confused: hi,
all the response are right in some way.which road do you want?
you can be happy with what ever you have or never happy.\challanges and stimulation are the key that creative input that drive that keeps you cooking day in and day out. do you have a dream do you write it down and wake up to it everday?where do you see yourself in two ot three years.want to work abroad or in the states? are you well rounded in the kitchen or just a one station person?choices decisions all those things.stay committed,focused and when it gets dull and you are no longer challanged go forth into the vast unknown because that is where u read read i can't say enough about reading it is information and that is knowledge and that is power.power to impower yourself to strive and achieve,not the power of control don't misunderstand that. good luck keep on cooking.
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