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Moving up too fast???

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Hello all! I'm new to the site and just want to thank everyone in advance for reading this!
Here's my situation/question:

I've been in the restaurant industry for 6 months now, and a line cook for 4.
I am very enthusiastic about working in the kitchen and am always doing everything I can to learn the trade while making a solid effort to go above and beyond anything that is asked or required of me.
I will be straight with this. I want to run a kitchen.
I've been at this particular restaurant for 1 month now. All new hires/cooks have years of experience, but not me.
Knowing this, I offered to stage for free.
After my stage, I was hired by the exec.
On day 1, I told the exec that I want to one day run a kitchen and he seemed to take me under his wing.
When he has time, I find him teaching me things having to do with production, prep, scheduling staff, and even fixing/maintaining the equipment on the line. I do everything I can to show him that I am gratful for this.
He now needs a new KM/chef de cuisine.
I want this job.
I want to be responsible for the day to day success and effiency of this kitchen. And the experience of being a KM could really benefit my long term goals.
I want to apply for this and somehow show the exec that while I know I lack experience, I can make up for it with dedication, enthusiasm, time, detail, etc...
I want this, but I don't want to show disrespect to the chef by assuming that he would hire an noobie to run his kitchen or something...
Should I bother? Can anyone see this happening?
How might I go about asking for a shot at this job?
I'm even willing to mention that with my lack of experience, I wouldn't expect to be paid the same as the last KM.

Am I trying to move up too fast?

Thanks for reading. I know it was a long post. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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For sure. Well, I can see how this might be a case of shooting myself in the foot. More food for thought.
Thank you everyone. This has been very helpful. I'll address a few things.

What's the rush? Good point. I am very determined to be a chef, but perhaps I will one day be a better chef having more experience on the line as a CDP.

The long term goal is to be an executive or head chef who is hopefully talented and strong enough to run a kitchen and oversee all culinary efforts. This position/restaurant is more day to day with one new special each month. Being the chief here would warrant the experience and duties of simply running the day to day.

The position is Chef. But for some reason, the only people who refer to this role as chef, is the exec, and the owners. The staff refer to this position as Kitchen Manager.

The more I type, the more I realize that perhaps I am jumping the gun.

I believe I'll talk to the exec about this and apply for/suggest a sous position.

Based on the advice of each of you, I'm going to write a letter of intent, and when it comes time to talk in person, I will do my best to keep it humble and simple.

I know my efforts will be appreciated, and if I'm lucky enough, could lead to a higher role. As chef or even sous, I will still work the line and gain experience, as this restaurant is a bit smaller than other professional kitchen establishments.
I'll be happy either way, and if I'm not offered the job, I'll do my best to embrace the fact that there is years of experience and challenges ahead.

Seriously thank you everyone.
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i couldn't agree more.
I really wanted all of you to tell me to go for it and that it's a grand idea, buts good chefs don't set cooks up for failure and I appreciate that.

I most definitely have not "earned my stripes". I may be 23 but I respect the old school way.

After listening to all of you, I think a better option would have been to ask for a few more responsibilities rather than a higher role that takes years of experience. Either way, if I get the job I'm going to embrace while (in a perfect world) remaining humble to the idea that I still have much to learn as a cook.
Just wanted to let everyone know, that I ended up applying, but instead of giving underexperienced me the job, my chef now wants to teach me personally so that I can try and do this at a younger age.
So thanks to everyone for all the hard truths and helpful advice. I realize that no matter the enthusiasm or passion, it takes real experence to run a kitchen.
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