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My First Gig

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Hey everyone - I got my first professional catering gig!! It will be for 75 people, buffet style with a Caribbean theme. When I was asked if I could do it, I said, "Sure" without hesitation. As soon as I put a sample hors d'oeuvre menu together and faxed it off I began to get real nervous. As soon as the client returned her selections and I needed to price out the menu for her I realized that it would be more than what she originally told me she wanted to spend. Even though this was a personal friend and my first event, my anal business sense told me NOT to do this for breakeven just for the experience. So I asked for an increase and got it. All my nervousness has now turned to excitement. :bounce: Wish me luck!!

Any of you have an interesting first?
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Catered tonight for a long-standing client an impromptu dinner for 22, they told about me last Friday. They are good crowd, the kind you wish for, just because of the food-rapport. I mean they really enjoy my cooking. And I cater for them often enough that at this point I just show up and cook and they could care less what I make. They like it all. Tonight was early too, they wanted apps at 5:30pm, dinner at 6:30pm. I was cleaned up and home at 8:45.
Congratulations on your first gig! May it not kill you!
My weekend-
Saturday. I have a take out bread order for 20 people, a dinner and dessert for 16 people, and a wine and appetizer function for 40 people. Along with my usual stuff I had to make mesquite-smoked salmon, pate and a cheesecake(first one in oh, 10 years). Everything turned out great.
Sunday. Appetizer buffet for 100 people, 3 hot and 7 cold apps, with cedar planked salmon as the main deal. They liked everything. The big lovefest. Oh, did I tell you? I did it all myself.
A piece of good free advice:
never forget the" 6 P's"
Proper Preparation Prevents P1ss Poor Production.
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