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My first quality knife set

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Hi all, I'm in the market for a quality knife set, I've inly owned cheap sets in the past. I'm considering a 17 piece Wusthof Classic Ikon set with a selling price of $860 or possibly a little less. Was wondering if this is a good set and a good price. In my brief research I've read that Wusthof prices tend to be high, but the price above isn't retail so I'm wondering if this is as cheap as it's going to get, or can I find a set from another brand that is just as good and possibly cheaper?
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Thanks for the help everyone! I have reduced my budget significantly since my original post and will take it slow and go with the suggestions made here and on other forums to start out with a few essentials knives. Galley Swiller, thanks for the detailed post I really appreciate it! The knives you suggested all seem like excellent choices, I am leaning towards the second two simply for aesthetics as I really don't like the writing on the MAC. Speaking of which, this poses a bit of a problem for me as I am a sucker for looks and while I am now aware that putting together a custom set from different manufacturers is ideal, I would love for all of the knives to match but I'm slowly letting go of that idea. Right now I am thinking of starting out with a chef's knife, pairing, maybe a utility knife and a bread knife. I do also want 6 steak knives.

I'm concerned about sharpening, it seems intimidating and I'd hate to ruin an expensive knife
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Just wanted to post an update, I went with the MAC Mighty Chef's knife and I love it. I never used a knife this sharp before and it is incredibly satisfying. 
Thanks! Any thoughts on the Mac Ceramic Honing Rod vs. the Idahone?

How often should one sharpen a MAC?
I did order the Idahone but for the cutting board I went with this

Ugh, I had a feeling you guys wouldn't like that one. I feel tempted to get the maple board smith board. Maybe when I remodel my kitchen. 
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