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I thought I would show my simplistic set-up for home Sous Vide.

As can be seen in the images I use a large pot to hold the water, a cheap digital thermometer and a clamp.

The pot is heated using one burner of a two burner hot plate with infinitely variable temperature settings.

The temp. is adjustable in one degree increments, to suit what I am cooking. I let the temp. stabilize before I place the food bags into the pot.

Although not shown in the images, I do place a clean towel in the bottom of the pot to protect the plastic bags from the hot metal. The bags are clamped to the edge of the pot after being lowered into the hot water.

If needed, a lid or towel can also be placed over the pot to retain heat and reduce air currents from effecting the temp.

It is not automatic.....but it works just fine!

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