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My Monday.

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O.K. So it isn't over yet. I still have some cleaning up to do, but I'm busily avoiding it right now. Thats the nice thing about a dirty kitchen. It patiently waits for you.
My day started about 6 weeks or maybe 8 weeks ago when I jokingly told my trusty asst, that he could have this week off around his birthday and me (nice guy) says sure and on the calendar it went.
Then about two weeks ago when I usually start hiring more people to start training for the busy season- and the applicants are well, so far not what I hoped for and the first two-one lasted 1 day, the other 25 minutes. So I look over the remaining applicants and told my asst. to enjoy his birthday. That was Friday.
So over the weekend I looked over what I had to work with and could'nt bring myself to call any of them. So today me and my girlfriend,(the owner) ran the place. My day started at 6 and I was out the door by 6:30. I started my prep and baking first thing, opened the dining room, did the produce shopping and dropped my 2 year old off at daycare by 8:30. I got back and Monday is grocery ordering and inventory so I'm busy with the foodservice rep as I roll out breads. Fortunately prep was light today. We open for lunch at 10:30 and usually it is dead for at least an hour before it starts to fill up. Not only that, but they are tearing up the street in front of the restaurant today so my thought is maybe I can luck out till my girlfriend shows up at 11:00. Nope. Its gotta be karma. It must have been some crazy psychokiller in a past life because today, I was half full by 11:30. Talk about cutting it close. I wrote my specials board with @ half the stuff done and prayed noone would order it before I got around to prepping to it. I made it on my prep.........
My poor girlfriend. She doesn't really work at the restaurant much. She does the paperwork and likes the food. But today she had about 15 tables at the same time. She did really well even though you'd swear she was about ready to have a cat right there. I think we still get along I'll let you know. The service wasn't stellar but I don't think anybody was poorly served. We ended up doing about 90 covers. So anyhow.
I have my help back tomorrow.
So I'm back to go clean up the mess. Its dishtime. Throw some loud music on, crack open a beer and lose myself in a sea of suds........
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The day in the life of the hostpitality industry.

Nice job, and have two beers as you bust the suds!!!
Oh that sounds so familiar Peachcreek. :D

Now just say that your dishwasher got arrested at a house of ill repute, you cook came to work wasted, you've taken over the line while pouring coffee down his throat hoping he will recover soon and then you get hit with a bus load of 70. :eek: Oh forgot to mention that you are the pastry cook, there is only one waiter (your fiance) the waiter is blind and the dishes are piling up since the dishwasher is occupying a 6 by 6 room and the cook is still not sober. Add in the fact that the babysitter you had lined up couldn't make it at the last minute, your 1yr old and 4 yr old are hanging out in the dining room schmoozing the customers and you still have more of the weeks baking to do.

What a day! At least, my fiance got great tips that nite with the kids there. We sent the kids to his moms for the week and caught up on some serious sleep.

Edit: Forgot to mention that the bus load of 70 were under the age of 19 except the driver and counselor. Plus they were everywhere....double ordering...coming to the soda fountain asking for refills....just all over the place. Does anyone else find this much teenagers in one place annoying?? We finally got the cook up and about 20 minutes into the cooking phase. Whew did he get an earfull when they left! We decided to leave the dishwasher in fiance was too pissed to pay bail.

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Oh, gosh, you guys - who was it that was wanting information for a script?!!!

Is there any other profession that attracts such - well - interesting (?) - characters?!

Wish I had the time to fly off and help the both of you out!
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