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Oh that sounds so familiar Peachcreek. :D

Now just say that your dishwasher got arrested at a house of ill repute, you cook came to work wasted, you've taken over the line while pouring coffee down his throat hoping he will recover soon and then you get hit with a bus load of 70. :eek: Oh forgot to mention that you are the pastry cook, there is only one waiter (your fiance) the waiter is blind and the dishes are piling up since the dishwasher is occupying a 6 by 6 room and the cook is still not sober. Add in the fact that the babysitter you had lined up couldn't make it at the last minute, your 1yr old and 4 yr old are hanging out in the dining room schmoozing the customers and you still have more of the weeks baking to do.

What a day! At least, my fiance got great tips that nite with the kids there. We sent the kids to his moms for the week and caught up on some serious sleep.

Edit: Forgot to mention that the bus load of 70 were under the age of 19 except the driver and counselor. Plus they were everywhere....double ordering...coming to the soda fountain asking for refills....just all over the place. Does anyone else find this much teenagers in one place annoying?? We finally got the cook up and about 20 minutes into the cooking phase. Whew did he get an earfull when they left! We decided to leave the dishwasher in fiance was too pissed to pay bail.

1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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