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I'm soon to close on a home that has a beautiful kitchen. I've never had a nice space to cook and the prospect has me thinking a lot about food again. I really like the idea of being able to introduce flavors in alternate texture forms. Years back I spent a little time playing with foams, using lecithin as a stabilizer and an immersion blender to aerate. Admittedly I gave up rather quickly, but I was really not happy with the level of flavor I was able to achieve and I was never able to create a very dense foam.

So chefs have been using N20 creamers like this one for quite some time now to make "espumas" or what tend to be rather dense foams. I'm really excited about getting one of these and although I've looked at some recipe concepts I thought it would be a great idea to get some knowledge from the trenches.

So far I understand that in most applications the key in getting a nice dense foam is in having a good degree of fat in the liquid, such as heavy cream, yogurt, sour cream, even olive oil.

Cream or fat plays heavily on the texture and flavor so one question I have is whether lecithin could be used to stabilize a foam without having to have a large amount of fat in your liquid? I would love to be able to for instance create a dense foam of shitake without having to cut the flavor with cream.

I'd love to hear any experiences using this tool, even failures so that I can develop a better understanding of how to experiment once I have one.
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