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Name for a catering business.

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Iam running alot of different names by my co workers at the hospital and I was wondering if it is silly to include my name in the name of the business.
just getting opinions from the pro's in the business..

If you have any ideas.. Iam doing a Caribbean/French fusion menu with some asian undertones.
Using ingredients from the Pacific NW..:confused:
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A good friend told me to think about a name I wouldnt' mind saying 30 times a day. I chose a name for my original idea for my personal chef business, but I quickly took on a lot of catering which now sustains me. I'm called Portable Pantry which fits both sides of my business, but I wish I had called the business something a little more worldly and sophisticated.

I don't envy you your past job. Sounds like you were set up to be the bad guy with the staff from day one. What is it that you do now?
Good luck ! I'm looking forward to checking out your website.

YOu must be in my area since you're a Sox Fan!
Your website won't work. Am I doing something wrong?
My first name is Susan, so a friend wanted me to name my company "Sue Chef"
(sous chef, get it...?) I passed on that advice, and you know, she was thoroughly insulted.:(
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1 - 5 of 39 Posts
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