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Name for a catering business.

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Iam running alot of different names by my co workers at the hospital and I was wondering if it is silly to include my name in the name of the business.
just getting opinions from the pro's in the business..

If you have any ideas.. Iam doing a Caribbean/French fusion menu with some asian undertones.
Using ingredients from the Pacific NW..:confused:
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CTD My 2¢ worth. I think there is nothing wrong with having your name in the business name. The idea is to have a name that evokes a picture in ones mind. Bob's Catering for example may be fine for Bob but does it distinguish him from anyone else and what kind of picture do you get in your mind. Also be careful about locking yourself into a box. What I mean is that if you're doing a Caribbean/French menu etc. be careful of using a name that locks you into that. What would happen if you changed concepts 2 years down the road? You would have to change the name.
I like the name you've chosen so far. To me it evokes a sense of world where I could get a very eclectic menu. You can always tag the cuisine specialty at the end ie: "Latitudes", Caribbean Cooking with a French Flair . This way you could always retag later if necessary. "Latitudes" Arkansas Cusine with a Roadkill flair
The company I helped start was "Glacial Reflections". We were a caterer in Anchorage, Alaska, hence the name.
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