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Name for a catering business.

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Iam running alot of different names by my co workers at the hospital and I was wondering if it is silly to include my name in the name of the business.
just getting opinions from the pro's in the business..

If you have any ideas.. Iam doing a Caribbean/French fusion menu with some asian undertones.
Using ingredients from the Pacific NW..:confused:
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hey daneille.. How about "Foodies"??

Also you can create some name combining two brands togather.

Danielle started this thread in 2001......she's not been active in many years.
cater - A provider; a purveyor; a caterer; To provide food professionally for a special occasion; To provide things to satisfy a person or a need, to serve
welcome Elias, tell us about yourself/style....where you are located, what type of catering you want to do.......the more info the better the name
hey guys i need a little help with a name. getting a new catering company started. Any ideas. I am 21, fun and like to cook. I have been cooking since i was 7, graduated culinary school in 2010. I want to cater desserts and savory foods.
BC's Catering. 

Cody's Catering.

Cody's Cuisine.

Naming a business is often a very personal process.  Without knowing you, your food/cooking philosophy, the way's you in which you plan on differentiating your business, et cetera, it's very difficult for anyone else to suggest an appropriate name for your business.
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Hi I'm new to the site!! I'm trying to think of a creative name for my catering business.. The menu will be mostly Arabic food!! I would love to have a Puerto Rican twist to it.. Any suggestions??
I need help trying to figure out at a catering name for my business, I live in Dallas TX. My business is small and I am basically am cooking everything but keeping it simple. Thank you, please help.
Everything Simple Catering.


Simply Everything Catering.

Simplicty Catering.

Now if one of those doesn't get you at least an A minus then I dont know what will. /img/vbsmilies/smilies/wink.gif
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Hey Chef.....what we were told in school (former culinary arts student and paralegal) is never to use your given name in your business. They suggested variations of your name, i.e., nickname etc. I have a name in mind for my catering and event planning business but feel like it is tooo long. I have found that the name is difficult to fit on websites, email address and does not make a user friendly website address name. Hope this helps!! 

Chef Tera 
Hello all I am looking for some advice on a name for my catering company right now its tom and jens but now we have started getting bigger and I would like a cool name we do Natural raw smoothies and organic coffee and espresso drink wild names and we do desserts and foods we do a little bit of everything and we also can make whatever the person wants to so we are a wide variety. I was thinking simplicity catering but want some more options or combining simplicity with something.
Natural Simplicity

Simply Natural

Organic Simplicity

Smooth and Natural

Smooth and Simple

Such a Smoothie

What a Smoothie!

Things like  that maybe...
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Hey Meltorres any update on the catering business? Keep us posted! Thanks
Hi I would like some assistance with naming my catering business. I do have some options that I have considered such as using my nickname which is Bell or also since I am from Georgia and people from Georgia have a niche about serving people with great consideration, I considered something with "southern" & "hospitality" in it but I don't want to limit myself to making southern style food only. HELP... I KIND OF NEED SOME HELP ASAP!!! THANKS SO MUCH.
For whom the Bell toils

I am excited to have found this thread! I am going to start my own catering company aimed toward children's parties! I like to make a lot of different dishes here at home for my children! A lot of it includes finger foods and easy plates like mac and cheeses and sandwiches with lots of cute decorations based on what the child likes the most! I just need help with a name and I have no idea where to start!

Help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance <3
What a fun thread, helping in exercising my creativity muscles as well as relieving stress and increasing Karma. Not the greatest at this but here goes: Mama's Caribean Kitchen, Simply the Best Catering, KISS Catering (Keeping it Simple Stupid), Hope this helps :)
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