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Hi Wyandotte,

Actually Rickallen wasn’t that far off when he commented that serrated knives act like a saw. They ( serrated knives) pretty much ARE saws, each individual tooth and corresponding gullet ARE saw teeth, and cutting a loaf of bread is a whole lot different than dicing an onion or slicing meat.

If the serrated knife is used only for bread, use a cheap solid wood board and reserve it only for bread. Don’t worry too much about sanitizing that board—as long as you keep it dry and only cut bread on it, it will be fine. Replace the board only when it becomes hollowed out, the pointy teeth WILL carve gouges, so it is to be expected.

If you want to use a serrated knife for food other than bread, get a knife with rounded teeth. Victorinox makes a good one, as I am sure others do as well. The rounded teeth are much gentler on your boards than the pointed teeth.

Hope this makes sense
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