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Need best machine for slicing, shredding, and grating

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I'm looking for the best machine to process potatoes and onions to make potato pancakes. Slice potatoes to make Gratin Dauphinoise and also Anna potatoes. Shred cheeses for Gourmet Mac/cheese. Not huge volume but definitely commercial quality. The robot coupe R2 appears to be the best but the AvaMix Revolution is calling out to me. Any thoughts?
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A food processor will certainly do all of that plus more. For smaller quantities, though, I find a coarse grater and mandoline to be efficient and quicker to clean.
We got an Avamix and definitely feel we should have gotten a better machine.
All of those things and more may be accomplished using a food processor. But, I find a coarse grater and mandoline to be more effective and easier to clean for lesser quantities.
Exactly what brianshaw said. Are you a bot that's just starting out?
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