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Hi everyone, I’m totally new here so hopefully I don’t break any rules.

I’m looking to try and recreate Bavette’s (Chicago steakhouse) lemon merengue pie. Far and away the best lemon merengue pie I’ve ever had. I generally dislike pie, but this was something special.

Anyways, based off of the flavor and texture from my recollection I’m inclined to believe Italian merengue was used. It was thick, and marshmallow-y. Lots of volume, not as light an airy as a traditional French merengue would be. bazoo

I’m hopeful people on here might help confirm or convince me otherwise on what type of merengue was used for this pie read more. I’ve hopefully attached a photo of the slice from Bavette’s. If you’re ever in Chicago or Vegas, highly recommend.

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That's a lot of meringue! 8-0
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