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Hello Everyone,

I know this is the oldest question in the book. I am replacing cheap crappy walmart special knife set. My husband and I aren't rich by any means so we can't afford the best of the best knives but we still want some really good ones that will last us a lifetime with proper care.

I am ambidextrous but left handed preferred on some things. He is right handed only. The budget is 600-800. The uses is Japanese cooking like sushi, bento boxes, pastery, and bread for me and Traditional american/ Italian cooking for him. I really enjoy making 3d food art like apple swans and other things. We keep getting stuck on compromises the other doesn't want to make on certain knives. The set (word being used loosely, not as in get a knife packaged set) is the fracking shun premier.

So, oh knowledgeable internet forum I'm hoping to help me find a no compromise knife set, here is the list of things my husband and I want in our knife "set"
  • Budget 600-800 for approximately 4-5 knives and 6 if i'm lucky
  • Knives needed most (from greatest to least) Parring. Chef, Bread, Utility, Slicing, Boning
  • Tsuchime finish (hammered) or other unique pretty finish. The purpose of this is to get my husband to like them so he takes better care of them. This strategy works more often then you think for me.
  • Ambidextrous (50/50 blade finish so I don't need 2 sets of knives.)
  • Husband has nickel allergy. (no metal handle and preferable little to no nickel in blade but so far the allergy is a rash where the metal was in contact)
  • VG 10 blade
  • Japanese
If someone could recommend a in the drawer knife block that would be great too. I hate my knife block on the counter

I'm wary of online knives but i'm willing. I just want a set that will last me a lifetime at a good price. My favorite color is blue so blue handles will sway me.

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For bread knives the Tojiro or Mac 270mm are probably the preffered selection.

For hammered finish jck have a couple of offerings.
Look at
And scroll down for Gekko (western handled) and Inazuma (japanese handles).
They do shipping for $7.
I have one of the Inazuma range myself, it's a nice knife.

You should be able to find something similar on the various sites in America.

Not sure about the nickel thing as I believe that damascus tends to use it.

As for a boning knife, JCK are doing a relatively cheap Honesuki, which is the japanese version.

There are many, many options. I would suggest that you have a look at what's out there see what catches your eye and then ask for feedback.
The vast majority of knives are good quality.

Hope this helps a bit.

Ah, just realised the double posted thread :)
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