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I am no expert cook (and some will say the same about my baking lol) but IMO there is room for all of the above rules to be broken...

Without acid ceviche would not be... altho too much acid for too lengthy of a time will produce a unpleasant mealy texture in a batch of beef fajitas.

Salt added in a batch of pinto beans during the first boil will cause the skins to toughen.

Salt is always added during the second boil (then simmer) along with whatever secret ingredients you use to make your blue ribbon beans....well....award winning.

Feel free to PM me for my recipe lol.

BUT what would (the new?) Texas brisket be without salt and black pepper...applied lovingly and with an extra heavy hand?

IDK ask James Beard award winner

His recipe can be found on the link to TM magazine.


The answer to the brisket quiz question?

It would be as barkless as a mute hound dog lol.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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