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Okay guys, we talk about marinating steaks.
Here is what I have done in my 30 plus years as a professional chef.
I been thought that meat for a steak has to be prime quality, like a porterhouse, eye filet or ribeye steak, cutlet or back strap. Tender, best quality meat.
Secondly, using a marinade with fresh herbs and spices in oil, perhaps some mustard and fresh garlic and chilli.
Any meat I have to tenderise, I dice up and make a stew with it, not steaks. The cooking process and a touch of vinegar in the sauce will tenderise the toughest cow to tender soft meat in a stew or goulash or the like.
I add salt and other seasonings when the steaks are sealed and not before.
I hope that my small input will resolve some of your problems. Enjoy!
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