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This reply is not intended to be mean. I will say that I will be honest with my opinion. I opened my first place over thirty five years ago. The first month I had to replace all the compressors in my HVAC units and my walk in. Welcome to the reality of your own place. I could not afford to do this but I figured out a way. I went broke three years and thousands and thousands of dollars later. I tell you this so you know I have been there done that.
My first thought is get out now! Suck it up take your loses and get a job and pay off your debts. It took us years to get back even but we did.
I just happened to read an article in this mornings newspaper about food trucks. It was By Joyce Rosenberg, an AP Business writer. This is not a research paper so I will just quote some of the article and go on.
"A culinary fad a decade ago, food trucks have lost some luster and even new ones may not draw a crowd; they had to change their business model; food trucks feel less special to customers now, particularly in big cities; if your dream is to own one food truck and make money don't do it; catering is a better way to bring in revenue."
It is clear that you don't have enough capital to make a success of this endeavor. Sometimes it is better to postpone a dream until you and your bank account are ready for it.
We have a member on this site that is an expert, Chef Buba.
I do wish you luck and happiness in all that you do.
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