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I own 3 what I consider insanely expensive Japanese knives each from different makers that I purchased from a few years ago from I absolutely love them, but I do not use them daily. For everyday knives I've used Vitorinox Forschner Fibrox 'for years. When I bought them years ago they were the best knives I've ever used, but after so many years I've grown sick of them. I  suspect the quality of the Japanese blades has probably spoiled me on the Forschners. The reason I kept them for so long is my ham fisted son he has not be allowed to use my good knives.

I've been considering both Shun Classics and Globals. I don't want to spend more than $300 on 3 knives a Chef, Utility, and pairing. I've made do with those three for years and the Japanese versions of the same. 

I have a gift card and some points I want to use to get whatever I choose at William Sonoma. I've also been wondering about German and other Euro brands.

Suggestions and comments will be appreciated
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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