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New from Orlando, Florida!

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Hey everyone!!! So I'm very much new to this site and thought I'd introduce myself!! So I'm Alexis and I graduated from LCB in 2012. It has to be the best year and a half ever. I learned so much and the experience was absolutely amazing. I came from a typical Hispanic family that pretty much cooked hispanic food all the time. Culinary school introduced me to so much and for that I am forever grateful! I learned everything from knife skills to foods across the world to wine pairing to molecular gastronomy. I still to this day keep in touch with a lot of people that I met in school and it's such an awesome feeling to have a group of people you can relate to. For anyone wanting to go to culinary school, it's a lot of money but be sure it's something you want to do. It's worth it!!!

I'm a complete foodie!! I love going to new places, making new foods, & trying just about anything. I want to branch off and become a personal chef. After working in restaurants for the last few years, I feel like I would be a lot more successful if I branched off on my own.

I'm so glad I found this site! There is so much to read and glad I found of group of people with similar interests. Any advise in becoming a personal chef, I'll take! Hope to be communicating with a lot of you on here!!
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Welcome to the site we are glad you joined. Sounds like you have a great foundation to reach your goal of becoming a personal chef. Have you considered working as a cook for a private chef? Maybe on a private yacht or for a personal chef service?
What companies or where can I find a job to work for a personal chef service?
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