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Just some thoughts on handle-heavy knives:

For the woods they come in real handy as they are less likely to fall out of your hand.

As for kitchen knives I have to admit I like the feel of the Ikon 9" slicer (one of the mistakes of my first actual knife purchases), which is very handle heavy, but given the very light blade overall weight is just 6.5 ounces.  If not for the crap Krupp steel it would be a nice knife.  I still use the Ikon almost exclusively for bread and sandwich slicing.  I keep a high polish on the edge, taboo to many when it comes to cheap stainless, but I don't find edge retention suffers for it, and if you pull real fast it will even go through hard and and also slippery (like croissants) crusts.

Forgive me for going a little OT.
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