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I've recently just started a new job in a restaurant, I was working in a pub before for just over a year and developed a way of doing things(their way of doing things) and I knew how to run the kitchen e.g. Where things where and went, what things was and how dishes should be plated

I most add it's completely different styles of food, the pub I was doing Scottish and vegan food where at the restaurant I'm working with flavours from Spain, Mexico and South America

But know I've started at this new restaurant and just feel like I'm a bit lost and I feel really silly asking what to do, it kinda looks like I've never done this before but I obviously have, I'm really wanna impress these people cause this is the kinda work I wanna I do, and I don't wanna feel like I've made a mistake by moving from a pub to restaurant, I know it was going to different and more difficult but I just wanna know will this get easier and should I tell someone(head chef) about my concerns?

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Yes, of course it will get easier. This is a great thing to do early in your career, is to push yourself forward and learn and do new things. There is no shame in being new and asking for help and clarification. 

I can tell you that I would rather train someone how to do something correctly than  have someone who does it their own way that I don't like. 

Absolutely do not feel silly or stupid for asking what to do...that only becomes a problem if I (or the chef) has to repeatedly tell/show you the same things over and over. If your chef gives you a hard time for asking questions and needing demos of things then they are probably not a very good chef. 

I would absolutely talk to him/her about your concerns. Let them know that you are committed to working there, you want to put the effort and time in to learn, but you are feeling like you need some guidance in order to do your job correctly. I would take someone who has commitment, work ethic, and desire over most anyone else. Your chef knows you are still new at cooking, they should know that you need training and should be willing to train you. 

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Remember that in every kitchen there are certain universal rules.

      Neatness counts, organization makes life easier, writing things down is important, communication is a key factor, cleanliness at all times, working neat and clean, check everything daily for freshness and quality, 

written recipes promote consistency, taste it as you prepare it,

stay calm and keep your head focused during service no matter what happens,

don't panic, label and date everything so everyone knows what it is and when it was made,

keep the kitchen free from clutter. 

     Naturally there are many more things to the list but while the style or type of cuisine may vary, your approach to it can be consistent. 

Asking question for anything peculiar to the particular restaurant is to be expected. You are there to help promote their products and image. 

Questions show you are interested in doing that. 
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