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Hi Chefs :)

I am new to the forum and am hoping there is someone out there who can offer some advice :)

I am a chef from Australia and am trying to get a job in Abu Dhabi in the UAE!!!

A little about me - i have 9 years experience in kitchens and am currently working as a Sous chef, have about 3 years experience in this role. My partner is already living and working over in Abu Dhabi and I am looking to move there also.

I have been applying for jobs at hotel restaurants in Abu Dhabi for the past couple of months and have had no luck whatsoever! It is becoming frustrating as I know that I am a hard working and capable chef but no one seems willing to give me a go? I heard back from one place (i have probably applied for about 30 jobs) and they said because I had to experience in hotels, they were not willing to give me a chance.

Has anyone had any experience working in the UAE? Any tips for applying for jobs? Any contacts you could put me in touch with?

I would be incredibly appreciative of any help :)
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