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new to the food industry

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Hi there! 

I am an Event Coordinator for a country club in Illinois. We don't have the restaurant open, but we do private banquets and event. I have a chef that comes in for these. Although, sometimes it is hard to get a hold of him. 

I'm not just in charge of the banquets set up, i  also have to make the menu for that event and order the food.  

I have absolutely NO restaurant experience. Since working banquets here, I bus now and then and will tend bar sometimes, but that's about it. 

Does anyone have any advice to make creating menus for clients easier and low cost? 

Thank you!
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Find out who the idiots are that put you in this position. Your not in a real good situation to succeed. I can't see how you could book a party not knowing if the food will be cooked to the specifications you promised to your client. I would not book a party unless I knew I could give my client what was promised. Doing no parties is better than getting a bad reputation for doing bad parties.....Call a Caterer and just make money on the room rental. ........Chef Bill
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