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new to the food industry

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Hi there! 

I am an Event Coordinator for a country club in Illinois. We don't have the restaurant open, but we do private banquets and event. I have a chef that comes in for these. Although, sometimes it is hard to get a hold of him. 

I'm not just in charge of the banquets set up, i  also have to make the menu for that event and order the food.  

I have absolutely NO restaurant experience. Since working banquets here, I bus now and then and will tend bar sometimes, but that's about it. 

Does anyone have any advice to make creating menus for clients easier and low cost? 

Thank you!
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Here's what I read into your post, TVB,

Your club has an expensive kitchen and diningroom, but isn't using these faciities regularily even though its May and tommorow is mom's day

Your Chef is on an on call basis,which means both chef and the club don't take his job seriously

The bar is functioning on a daily basis which is probably all the club really cares about.

Club is basically throwing the whole F &B operation at you, even though you have no practical restaurant experience.

Em eye see, kay ee why, em oh you ess ee

Thats one club board of directors I don't ever want to meet......
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Lesson 1:

When you do the menus and do the ordering, you are ultimately responsible for the food cost.

Are you ready for this responsibility?

I think ChefBillyB has the best advice for this situation: Hire a caterer. They quote on price per person, and will let you focus on planning the actual event.

But even then you have to ask yourself why the club is throwing the whole mess in your lap when you have no kitchen experience. It just doesn't smell right.
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